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Founded by ex RAEME soldier Glen Ferrarotto, we are owned and operated by people who know what it means to serve. People who appreciate the value of your ADF service and who understand the choices and challenges you’ll face when you hand in your kit and take that plunge into civilian life.

What you have done for your country, your remarkable skills and experiences are rare and valuable assets and that is how we will always represent you.

Whether you’re in the process of discharging, moving to reserves or have already transitioned, we’re here to be your advocate and partner.

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Transition Support Services

One of the challenges switching from a Defence career to a civilian one is finding the best way to relate your service experience to the civilian workplace.

Defence specialties can be different compared to what you’ll find in industry occupations, but all this means is you may need to think differently about your skills and experience and how to present these.

Let us do this for you.

Some of our services include:

  • Identify new pathways to Employment
  • CV Development
  • Career Coaching & Mentoring
  • 1:1 and Group Workshops & Webinars
  • Job Search Platforms
  • Interview Skills
  • Contract Negotiations

Our Training Platform

Life after leaving service can daunting. We understand that this an enormous change and often creates some uncertainty about career direction and job prospects including the possibility of starting afresh or relocating to a new city.

If you are unsure of your next move, we can explore options with you. If you have some ideas on a new career pathway but would like to up-skill or invest in further training we can guide you through this process.

Our Strategic Training Platforms provide direct access to civilian training providers in specific key courses and modules.

Ask us about available training options:


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