What we do for you

Founded by ex RAEME soldier Glen Ferrarotto, we are a veteran owned family run business, operated by people who know what it means to serve. We appreciate the value of your ADF service and understand the choices and challenges you’ll face when you hand in your kit and take that plunge into civilian life.

What you have done for your country, your remarkable skills and experiences are rare and valuable assets and that is how we will always represent you.

Whether you’re in the process of discharging, moving to reserves or have already transitioned, we’re here to be your advocate and partner, at no cost to you.

We are also more than happy to provide support to find job opportunities for partners and spouses.

So now you’ve found us, what’s next?

How we can help

At Ironside Resources, we have been matching ADF veterans to new meaningful job opportunities for nearly 10 years.

We work exclusively with companies who have come to us seeking to hire ADF veterans into their organisation. We are very well connected, and highly regarded by industry to help them find the right men and women, with the right qualifications and personal attributes.

What you can do from here

Your best bet is to register your details on our database using the form below. We just ask for a few initial details and also request you to upload your resume if you have one.

A member of our team will then be in contact within a few days to have a chat.


Feel free to also have a look through our current job board by clicking on this link below.

Current job opportunities

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Transition Support Services

Life after leaving service can be daunting. This is an enormous change and often creates some uncertainty about career direction and job prospects including the possibility of starting afresh or relocating to a new city.

We often hear that one of the main challenges is finding the best way to relate your service experience to the civilian workplace.

The ADF has recently launched the Defence Force Transition Program (DFTP) and they can help you out with resumes and if you want it, career coaching. This is the best place to start to set yourself up for your employment search.

At Ironside, we’re ultimately focussed on the end-game, the employment piece. Whilst in the past we have provided career coaching and CV development, we no longer do that because the ADF does it far better through the DFTP, and it’s free!

We’re still always happy to have a chat and provide any guidance you might need, so feel free to reach out via email to support@ironsideresources.com.au


We love to chat. Send us an email using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.